Welcome to Teddy's Ties: where you'll find high quality neckwear for young men.

I'm Teddy. I like to wear neckties. Not just on special occasions, but almost every day, even if I'm just hanging around the house or headed to the playground. It looks sharp.

It's been hard for me to find classic styles in kids sizes. So, with my family's help and a twenty year advance of my allowance, we created Teddy's Ties. High quality neckwear for young men and boys and even babies. 

I'm doing the hard work of design and manufacturing because that is what I love to do, and I'm cutting out the middle men so that your Mom and Dad don't have to take a second mortgage just so you can look handsome. 



Plus, on Teddy'sTies.com, I'll show you a Four-in-hand, half Windsor, Windsor, and Pratt knots. And I'll teach you how to tie them.

This is my attempt to return dignity and style to the world, one kid at a time. I hope you enjoy the site and the ties. 

AND COMING SOON: Bigger Ties! Right now our ties fit kids up to 5' tall.  We're working on full-sized ties for older kids or grown ups (or even both if they want to match).  Also school ties: if your school wants a tie in particular colors, contact us and we can work that out!

Have fun, play hard, and look sharp!